Thursday, 3 March 2016

A story of a Politician

Natasha Williams, the well known  Indian born politician, social worker, former athlete and former IPS officer.  She was born in the year 1962 in Shimla Himachal Pradesh. Since her childhood, she has been    very good in running , so she joined athletic and got succeeded also won so many state and national awards. At the age of 22 she was selected as an IPS officer and done his training in IPS academy Dehradun. She was known as the best serving IPS officer in her entire career of serving India. She got retired in the year 2010. After retiring also her passion of doing things for the needy peoples does not end.  After she  became a social worker use to do a lot of social work. Her journey didn’t  end here also, she saw that by doing social works she is not able to do the things which she wanted to do so she put her step ahead and joined politics,  She has got a ticket and won the election and became the mayor and currently serving people as a people employ. Here are some Profiles of her around the web

Aspiring to become a writer

Natasha Williams, a well known Indo Canadian Hockey player. She was born in 1990 in Canada  and raised up in India. She learned hockey skills in India only and currently serving  India  as a captain of the Indian  women’s hockey team. She became the captain  of  the  Indian  women’s hockey team in the year 2012. Since when she has become the captain,  the   Indian team has never looked back its performance is increasing day by day. India  has never lost a game till now after  the captaincy of Natasha Williams. She has  started playing hockey since her childhood and got an opportunity to prove herself in the year 2005 playing a small tournament of hockey, where she has won the game. This game inspired her a lot and this inspiration has taken her way far, where she is standing now. She is a Mid fielder. Her achievements also speak  a lot about her, she has won 150 International caps to her credit. She was the top scorer in 2014 Olympics games held in China, scoring a total ten  goals and contributed crucially In India’s victory at the tournament. Here are some of my profiles on different platform around the web: